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You never know when it starts..
..until there's fog inside the glass around your summer heart
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31st-Jan-2006 02:18 pm - new layout // cooking! // books came
dancing!Dom by mandarkk
I have a new layout! It's so pretteh and green.. I got it from premade_ljs after seeing that's where toxica939 gets her lovely ones from. Sadly it did mean I had to get rid of my Finding Neverland FO banner as it was too big and didn't go right *sob*. Plus, of course, Dom has gone. He's still there dancing away in my icons and in my mood theme though XD

Have been on a cooking spree this week, stocking up on flour and eggs and attempting to make stuff out of this giant cookie/brownie book my mum has. Yesterday I made toffee bars, and although I don't think they came out how they were supposed to, they are very nice. I made a right mess, though. Today was simpler as I have just made some marshmallow rice crispy cakes, which only takes like 10 minutes. They do look nice too. I'm not sure what I can attempt tomorrow. F!M thinks it's funny, he keeps calling me 'Little Chef', while Chris at work decided my new name should be 'Delia Swift'. Heh.

A load of books I orderd off the 'used & new' Amazon bit have come. I've already nearly finished one, Disgrace by JM Coetzee. I actually have some alright books to read for this module, compared to the rubbish ones I never finished in my last module. Have decided I am actually going to read them this time though.. especially 'cause I don't think there's any poetry this time so I can't just wing all my essays by doing them all on the short poetry which I read 5 minutes before I started the essay.

Now, am gonna go find 7 extra layers 'cause it's freezing, read the paper and gradually get ready for work. It's my last Tuesday evening shift for a while as next week my timetable is til 6 on a Tuesday :( I like my Tuesday shifts! *pets her Tuesday boys*

12th-Jul-2005 11:09 pm - we are not afraid
wibble rupert

Click, go look. It's lovely.

21st-Jan-2005 05:38 pm - Loogabarooga!
wibble rupert
Guess who has had an offer from Loogabarooga!

Er, that would be Loughborough University for all you sane, normal people out there..

Me. Obviously.. XD 300 points, including a B in English. Now I just need to hear from all the other uni's I applied to!

Now, I am off to drool at Jude in Closer, although first I will change out of this skirt because omgitssocold *shivers*

21st-Jan-2005 05:06 pm - H/D fanart poll
Together by randominity
H/D Art Poll For New Thread

Look at all the art, then leave a comment with the number of the pic you think we should have at the start of the next few threads. Simple!

1. Red Leaves by Sherant

2. Floorboards by Lunulet & Duckpuppy

3. Left My Heart by Sherant

4. Umbrella by Sherant

5. Costume by Sherant

6. String by Sherant

7. Sweet Kiss by Nemesis

8. Red Pencil by Sherant

9. Arms Round by Linnpuzzle

10. Draco/Harry by Rhianne
14th-Jan-2005 09:21 pm - flist swapping..
dancing!Dom by mandarkk
I swapped flists with luna_k. Here's what I found..Collapse )

I only did up to skip=100.. is that allowed? Will maybe do some more, but have no time at the moment. It's interesting reading someone elses flist.. you forget how many people really do have these things and it's just not those I have friended.. XD

13th-Jan-2005 04:58 pm - film line meme
Together by randominity
Guess The Movie Line meme..Collapse )

10th-Jan-2005 07:18 pm - Happy Birthday, Vicki!
wibble rupert
toxica939, I know you randomly read this still, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Whee, 18! *loves on you*

The Return of the Picspam: For VickiCollapse )

Hope you had a great day XD

5th-Jan-2005 12:23 am - Of football and mayonnaise..
wibble rupert
Since Christmas Day, strange goings on have come about in the Kirsty family household. Yes. We have all gone crazy. Infact, I think my family is from another word. Just call me Kirsty Solomon from now on. Here's the top two slightly weird things in my house..

1. They have become obsessed. Not obsessed with something good and innocent, like puppies or donating every single penny to charities. No. They have become obsessed with Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (which so should be called Pro Evo Football, btw). Yes, they spend all their free time battling it out on the PS2, whopping and cheering and being all sorts of crazy. It's got so bad that you can't walk into the living room without either my mum, dad or sisters mowing you down, shoving a PS control in your hands and screaming "GO GO GO! YOU'RE BRAZIL!", completely regardless of whether you want to be a South American country or not. Even my sisters, who before Christmas used to tell my dad and I that we were boring for playing on Pro Evo 3, are freakily obsessed. It's just WEIRD.

2. Another obsession. This time it's a foodstuff. Not something rare and amazing you only get once in a blue moon, like candy floss. No. It's something completely ordinary and everyday. It's mayonnaise. Heinz mayonnaise to be exact. No other mayo will do, it has to be Heinz. Infact, they're so obsessed that before Christmas my dad had a big stress because neither Tesco, Morrisons, Asda nor Sainsbury's sell it anymore, and the local pub landlord said he couldn't give him a box of theirs. Eventually he found some at Macro (one of the big hypermarkets), and so - amazingly funny guy that he is - wrapped it up as a joke present for my mum. Two bags of the stuff. No, it's not in a bottle, it's tiny little sachets. You have to sit there squeezing the damn things out on to your plate and then going back for more as it takes about 47294072 of the things to compensate one bloody plate of chips! And they're eating it with EVERYTHING! No longer is the question "What can I have to eat, mum?" it's "What can I have with mayo, mum? Does this go with it?". It's INSANE. I'm expecting them to start lathering the PS2 controls in mayo next.

There is one small mercy that makes up for these insanities, however. Kirsty is the best at Pro Evo and has yet to be beaten. Even when she isn't Brazil... XP

~Kirsty, who has just realised she's written a whole entry on mayonnaise. This is proof that she definitely needs Dom Billy Orlando a man. It's 00:21 in the morning. She will go to sleep now. Promise.
wibble rupert
*loves on the new name of her lj oh-so much*

Today, I was planning to do my Business Studies coursework (or at least attempt some of it, seeing as I have a gazillion pages to go), but like every time you actually say you'll do something because you have no plans.. plans come up. So, I went out with my family, Uncle, Aunt and little cousin to the pub. Now, I've just come home and have done my eMentor shift (27 newbies! *flails*). Because I am one big, big procrastinator, and should therefore be burned at the stake. Yes.

I am nearly finished reading Good Omens, and after the first few pages was able to see why the rest of the world ships Aziraphale/Crowley. 'Cause omgtehslash *dies*. I also found a great rec list, so will work my way through it tomorrow as soon as I have finished my Business Studies.

Aw, 'tis little Dom! He's so pasty and young.. *pets*

Now, because klave had the oh-so good idea of doing this, I'm going to blatantly copy:
If you posted on my anon meme saying you'd like to get to know me better/talk more etc. etc. than reveal yourself! Please?! (omg especially you!)

2nd-Jan-2005 11:55 pm - Misty love! <33
wibble rupert
OMG Kirsty love!!! *loves on Misty* <33

And now woe, for everyone in that chat has left and so I am just a chat alone. Although it is quite fun typing anything I want in to the chat window... *cackles insanely*

Have not gone crazy. No.. *blinks*

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