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You never know when it starts..
..until there's fog inside the glass around your summer heart
8th-Jan-2020 11:04 pm - Foward Dated Flocked Post..
wibble rupert
Friends Only - Comment to be added

Although I don't flock all my posts, a large amount do end up away from public viewing. I like having new friends, so just comment and maybe tell me why you're friending me/who you are, etc., and I'll most likely add you back XD

Also, stop calling here! No. I don't have that Tom Felton picture that pops up everytime you search for him on Google Images. I don't know why it links here, I haven't got it. Sorry.

8th-Aug-2007 10:55 am - going on holiday - bye!
dancing!Dom by mandarkk
I'm leaving for Bulgaria later, so just thought I'd say bye for a week. Have fun everyone! Hope lj stops being evil by the time I come back.. :\

Woe, FA won't work for me so I can't get on GnH to say bye. Is it working for anyone else or is it just my computer?
8th-Aug-2007 12:04 am - changing layouts
peter pan by dark_eyed_amy
I've just changed my layout for the first time in ages. I liked my old one but I felt I needed a change, and I loved this one when I first saw it. I want to add stuff to the sidebar like my previous layout but I can't figure out how. I'd also like the commenting bit (y'know when you click on the lj-cut and it takes you inside my entry, so to speak) to match my layout, instead of being poopy standard lj white and blue. How do you do that?! Gah, all these codes! :( I wish I could make layouts! I am totally HTML-inept. Anyone knows how to make them? I found this picture and would love a pretty layout using that and those colours.

Heh, I just saw that that pictue was taken in Bulgaria - where I'll be tomorrow night! :D

27th-Jul-2007 12:42 am - their lives post DH
wibble rupert
So JKR has let us know what the Trio and Luna went on to do for a living..I'll cut it incase you don't want to knowCollapse )

Wish she'd let us know what happened to the Malfoys..
12th-Jan-2007 04:27 pm - "soccer"
wibble rupert
So, in light of Beckham's £50 a minute transfer to LA Galaxy, I've just been reading this article on Yahoo, and I'm actually quite suprised at how Americans seem to view football (or "soccer").

"..the reason America hasn't taken to the so-called "beautiful game" is not a lack of sophistication, but a wealth of superior and noisier entertainment options. Americans know enough about soccer to consider it the "boring game.."

WHAT?! So for football to be good it's not about talent, it's all about the fireworks and fights?! Maybe we should stage wrestling as half-time entertainment or something. I'm glad I live in a country that really loves football and appreciates the skills and talent needed instead of just wishing it was more like a soap opera.

"Athletic excellence is all well and good, but it pales in comparison to colorful characters, rich rivalries, wild feuds and other assorted mayhem."

That is truly ridiculous..
billy & dom glasses
Everybody who isn't British - or, who is British but has obviously closed their ears to such an amazing song - should go and d/l "Last Request" by Paolo Nutini. It is the best song EVER. He's only 19, but sounds older. I think lots of people on my flist would like it, so therefore you should go and listen to it. You can always delete it if you don't like it, but I think lots of you will so you might aswell, and then you can tell me if you like it or not XP

I know it's practically a week ago now, but Dom on Jonathon Ross last Friday made my week. He was so cute! And also, you can see how much I've fallen out of the fandom 'cause I didn't even know Billeh was having a baby! Made me kinda sad when I realised I don't know anything about them anymore. Woe. I'd love to write some more Monaboyd, I'm really proud of all the ones I've written. I bet there's millions of Dom going to see the baby for the first time, but that might be good.

It's really sunny and hot here again today, which means my car is as hot as the hottest thing ever. Which makes me hot.. *pout* I have work from 5-10pm, but I'm gonna try and leave early as I'm meant to be meeting everyone in town at 10:30. We've got no supervisor on, only Chris, so he'll let me go early and I'm sure I can get everything done by 9:30.

Bored now. Gonna go add some stuff to iTunes, methinks..
7th-Jun-2006 08:17 pm - Dom so cute
billy & dom glasses
You know what's so amazingly cute and makes me grin every time I see it? Well, you know (I guess you only will if you're British and get Channel 4) how C4 has those advert type things with all the TV stars on them from like The OC, Lost, ER & random British people where they just have shots of them all answering a question, and the only way you know what the question is is if one of them says it randomly in the middle of the advert?

Well, the shots that go with 'What makes you happy?', and there's a shot of Dom and he grins and looks away and says "New Zealand"

Awwwww, *loffs loffs loffs*

Anyone know what I mean?! NZ Hobbit love!!!

24th-Mar-2006 07:10 pm - lj secret
wibble rupert
My lj secret finally got posted! Whoooo XD

And some girl's had a right mardy over it. Hahahaha XP

15th-Mar-2006 02:55 pm - essay woes
wibble rupert
“How, according to feminist theory, can literature provoke social, political, and cultural change?"

Um... *runs away screaming*

I CAN'T DO THIS ESSAY! *headdesk*
smirking tom
My new uni semester starts tomorrow. Woe. I don't want to go! I want to laze about and make more shortbread, which is baisically all I've done today. Mmmm shortbread *eats*

My car needs washing. Anyone fancy it? It's got a layer of dirt and dust about 5 metres thick, but I'm sure it wouldn't take you long XD I can't be bothered to wash it 'cause I soon as I take it to the mud swamp that is the uni car park, it just gets completely splattered and covered again. Therefore, it's staying dirty until uni is done. Or, at least until my mum moans at me some more.

I want new clothes. The River Island website is looking too appealing. I'm not sure why I'm looking at it seeing as I can't really afford any new clothes, but I have a shopping urge.

My icon! *pets little Tom*

I have nothing interesting to say. Gonna go back to watching Deal or No Deal.

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